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[eclipse-dev] New behavior for Team CVS in next itegration build for deleted and added files

There are some changes you will see in the next integration build that are
related to how CVS handles deleted and added resources. They are:

1) The user will be prompted with a warning on deletion of files to
indicate that the file will be marked as an outgoing deletion. An
information marker will appear in the task view which indicates this. The
user can use the Auto Fix item in the task's context menu to restore the
file (from the server or local history) or commit the deletion. The user
can also commit the deletion as before (Commit on ancestor in Team menu or
Sync view) as well.

2) A similar warning will appear for folder deletions. However, the folders
themselves will not be deleted and files in the folders will appear as
outgoing deletions. On commit, any empty folders that contained outgoing
deletions will be pruned.

3) When files are added to a folder shared with CVS, an information marker
will appear in the task view until the file is either added to CVS control
or ignored (Autofix items are available for this).

Options are available in the CVS preferences page to disable both the
prompting and markers.

Michael Valenta

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