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[eclipse-dev] Expression Evaluation in the Java Debugger

The Java debug team is releasing new _expression_ evalutaion support in the NEXT integration build (tomorrow). The new support is know as "AST _expression_ Evaluation" - and can be turned on via a "work in progress" preference (See Workbench -> Preferences -> Java -> Debug -> Work in progress). The new support has the following advantages:

(1) supports _expression_ evaluation on remote targets
(2) supports for conditional breakpoints
(3) supports _expression_ evaluation in binaries & inner types (even when no source is available)
(4) the variables & _expression_ views support evaluations in the "details" area, based on the selected variable (the selected variable becomes the receiving context, or "this") - just like VAJ.

When the new build is available, we encourage you to turn on the new support, and give it a whirl. Please report bugs to JDT Debug.

Note: the new support only evaluates expressions (i.e. does not evaluate control statements such as loops). The scrapbook still uses the old technology, such that we can support a full range of control structures, class definitions, and variable declarations.

Happy _expression_ evaluating!

The JDT Debug Team

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