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[eclipse-dev] Plug-in Id/Name master switch

In hope to stop a flood of bugs:

Individual switches to toggle between plug-in translated names and IDs have
been removed from PDE wizards in favor of one master switch placed in the
main PDE preference page. PDE has consolidated various label providers into
one shared and this toggle switch affects all the places where plug-in
artifacts (plug-ins, imports, extensions, extension points etc.) are shown.

The rational was that a person that prefers IDs over translated names is
unlikely to change its mind in different contents.

Changes in the master toggle state should be instantaneous i.e. if you have
an opened editor, all the names should update when you apply the change in
the Preferences. If you find a case where you need to restart an editor,
open a bug report.


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Application Development
IBM Canada Ltd.
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