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RE: [eclipse-dev] I Do not succeed in running Eclipse on Linux Red Hat 7.1

Eclipse on motif requires Open Motif.  It does not currently work with lesstif.

The necessary motif libraries are shipped with eclipse and are located in the root of the eclipse installation.  To use them, just set your LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the eclipse root before launching eclipse.  The error you have reported is most likely because you are running lesstif which I believe is what is shipped with Red Hat 7.1.

There are many posts on this topic in the Eclipse newsgroup.

"Wout Perquin" <wout.perquin@xxxxxxxxx>
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17/02/2002 09:53 PM
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It took me a little longer then expected to come back to you.
I misinformed you in an earlier communication.  I tried to run it on RedHat
6.1.  But now I have installed it on RedHat 7.1  However it still doesnt
The java version is jdk1.3.1
I have installed eclipse in /usr/eclipse and have added it to my PATH.
I go into Gnome and open a terminal window.  Next I invoke eclipse.  I get
"eclipse: error while loading shared libraries: eclipse: undefined symbol:

Is it correct to believe that eclipse on Linux requires Motif ?
And that a Motif clone (eg LessTif) can do the job if one doesnt have a
Motif license ?
I am currently investigating how to install LessTif.  Any advice very
Many thanks, Wout Perquin

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Red Hat 7.1

What version of Java do you have installed?



Wout Perquin wrote:

> Hi thanks.
> I tried to run that file but it didnt want to run.

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