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[eclipse-dev] Templates public?


  are there any ideas to make the org.eclipse.jdt.internal.ui.text.template
part of the API?

  It would also be nice if more contexts could be provided. Probably user
configurable, at least via extension-points. At the moment there are just
JAVA and JAVADOC avaliable hardwired.

  For my case I would like to inherit all the behaviour of JAVA and build a
context EJB_JAVA or something similar.

  A hierarchy for templates would also be nice like. java.ejb.finder.cmp2,
java.ejb.finder.bmp etc.

  Another wish would be to been able to expand arrays, like

    public ${returnType} ${nameOfMethod} (${parameters[],","}) throws
${exceptions[],","} {}

  As you've already guessed I'd like to use the templates for code
generation and let the CodeFormatter run over it afterwards. Therefore it
would also be nice to create an own context, where it could be disabled that
the templates are available (disturbing) code completion. I did recognize
though, that the packagename contains "ui". Do I've to read from that the
templates are just to be used in ui? Are there any particular reasons for

ps. Is this the right forum or is it best to post this on the newsgroup?
pps. Are there any plans to split up the newsgroup into more handable

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