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[eclipse-dev] Out-of-sync workspaces and PDE

A number of bugs have been opened against PDE recently that all point to
cases where PDE is pushed into the stupid state by resources out of sync
with the file system. When PDE builds its model, it initially parses all
the manifests files and creates model objects, one per plug-in or fragment.
After that, it listens to the resource changes to keep its models up to
date. When it tries to retrieve contents from an out-of-sync resource, it
fails and causes ripple effect downstream (because PDE relies heavily on
the models in order to avoid reparsing the manifest for every
workspace-wide search). A number of NPEs reported are all caused by empty
model objects that failed to load.

PDE team has (hopefully) fixed these problems by adding an 'out of sync'
flag to plugin/fragment models. PDE will first try to get the file contents
without forcing it. If that fails, it will force-read the contents but will
not update its time stamp. Until you synchronize by using 'Refresh from
local', out-of-sync plug-in/fragment objects appearing in various PDE
wizards, dialogs and editors will all be flagged with warning overlays and
"(out of sync)" labels.

Note that PDE is not your main problem here: PDE is simply reading the
contents, but you can loose your work if you keep editing your 'out of
sync' files without bringing them to date. Be careful when messing up with
the workspace manually (in the file system).


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Application Development
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