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Re: [eclipse-dev] RE: Syntax Templates

It's mostly for readability, since template patterns often have line feeds and tabs.
Attributes should be able to take whitespaces like line feeds and tabs, too, but some implementations of XML parsers choke on that.

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10.02.2002 10:46
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                Hi All,

                I am interested in Syntax Templates. JDT uses a
default-templates.xml for storing patterns for each templates. The Pattern
value can be given as an attribute for each  Template. But it is given as a
#Text node under each template. Any particular reason why this is used???

                Eg; In JDT
                <template description="iterate over array" name="for" context="java"
                >for (int ${index} = 0; ${index} &lt; ${array}.length; ${index}++) {

                Which can also be given as
                <template description="iterate over array" name="for" context="java"
                pattern="for (int ${index} = 0; ${index} &lt; ${array}.length;
${index}++) {
                                 ${cursor}}" > </template>

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