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Re: [eclipse-dev] Re: Problem while setting up self-hosting

Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately, it is quite likely that the code I need to modify is in the
SWT library too.

The "variations" were that instead of using CVS to get the source I was
interested in, I used the "extract source" tick-box.  That's all.

The class org.eclipse.swt.internal.Library doesn't seem to exist.  I have
just noticed Mike Wilson's post which says this was missing from some drops.
I'll update to the latest drop and hopefully all will be well ;-}

Thanks for your reply.


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there should be two classes called "Library in your workspace:
org.eclipse.swt.internal.Library in \org.eclipse.swt\ws\win32\swt.jar
org.eclipse.core.internal.plugins.Library in

Because you have compile errors in SWT I assume you tried to import SWT as
source. Do you need this as source? If not, you could simple import the JAR
and attach the source.

If the above information does not help, you should post what this ("with a
couple of variations." ) means, together with the files that have the
compile errors and the Java Build paths for your projects.


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