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[eclipse-dev] Re: Problem while setting up self-hosting

I have followed the instructions at:

with a couple of variations.  I can't use CVS to the outside world because
I'm behind a firewall that blocks all but http & ftp.  So, I selected the
'Extract source' option while importing the plugins.

Anyway, it all goes ok, except I have 3 compile errors in org.eclipse.swt.
There are some classes trying to reference a class called 'Library'.  This
reference can't be resolved.  I did a search through my eclipse directory
and can't find it.

Anyone have any suggestions?  I sort of expect it is a native library it is
looking for ... I don't have C/C++ compilation environment, so I'm really
looking for a binary that could be used.

My environment is:  Eclipse integration 20011211, WinNT4SP3

Thanks for any suggestions.


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