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Re: [eclipse-dev] Visual Composition for Java / AWT / Swing

WebSphere Studio Application Developer is an IDE.  It is the name of the product that follows VisualAge for Java Enterprise Edition.  You will be seeing a number of development products coming out with the name "WebSphere Studio <something>" that are built on an Eclipse base.    WebSphere Studio Application Developer (available now) is based on the WebSphere Studio Workbench which is a stable cut of the Eclipse project.  

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12/13/2001 03:21 AM
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Thanks for your quick answer,

I do not understand why a GUI VCE will be part of WevSphere Studio !!!

There are no relation with WebSphere, a VCE is a normal and mandatory
feature of any IDE, right ?

Maybe it is a question of commercial policy ?


Demez Christophe

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IBM is building a VCE feature for a future release of WebSphere Studio
Application Developer (WSAD).  Availablility is currently 2H 2002.  Given
that VCE is a WSAD feature and not part of Eclipse,  please use the WSAD
newsgroup at

While the VCM team is not ready to talk about development status, they are
interested in your thoughts/requirements.

John Kellerman
Product Manager, WebSphere Studio Workbench
OTI - Research Triangle Park, NC
919 254 4194, fax: 919 254 4183

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Thanks a lot,

But do you know when this VCE (Visual Composition environment) will be
available ?
Have you an idea, information about the development status of this tool ???


Demez Christophe