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[eclipse-dev] Marking newly added API

Any API elements added since 1.0 should be clearly flagged as new for 2.0. 
This allows clients, 
and other developers, to easily determine which new elements are now 
available to them. Since 
newly added  APIs are not yet frozen, it also serves as a reminder to 
clients to be aware that 
additional API changes may be coming; clients of new API should be looking 
for changes that 
may impact them.

For Java API elements - packages, classes, interfaces, fields, methods, 
constructors - this
should be done by including in the Javadoc:
        @since 2.0
The @since tag documents which Eclipse release the API element first 
appeared in. The @since
tag should not be added when clarifying the specification of an existing 
API element.
Note that the @since tag should come near the end of the Javadoc tags, 
after any @see tags.

For new extension points, the corresponding HTML documentation should 
include words like:
        This extension point was added in 2.0.

These tags should be added as new API is released into the repository. Any 
new API that has
already been released into the 2.0 stream without these tags should be 

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