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[eclipse-dev] Debug Fixes for 2001-12-06

The debug team is planning to submit fixes for these problems in the 2001-12-06 build: (VMPreferencePage - CheckboxTableViewer has no columns anymore) (NPE in LocalEvaluationEngine ) (Full build caused hot code replace failure (1GDH1CH)) (hot swap fails when native method on stack) (Hot swap in main causes Eclipse to crash) (Scrapbook does not work with JDK1.4) (Internal error while doing evaluation) (NPE in DebugContentProvider) (Source attachment wizard: Wrong Jar file (1GI6PA4)) (CoreDump in debugger step action (1GKNVC2)) (Source attachment for rt.jar doesn't work) (README: packages appear when doing eval (1GEYFPN)) (Variables view stays empty with stack frame selected (1GLE8PW)) (System threads show suspended at startup) (Problem using old workspace with new build)


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