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[eclipse-dev] Integration build 20011204 now available

                    Dean Roberts                                                                                 
                                         To:     Sonia Dimitrov/OTT/OTI@OTI                                      
                    12/05/01 09:46       cc:     Brian Young/OTT/OTI@OTI, John Wiegand/MIN/OTI@OTI               
                    AM                   Subject:     Re: draft of notification to eclipse-dev(Document link:    
                                         John Wiegand)                                                           

Hi Sonia,

Here are some comments:

I would make the date a link to the download.  Also I would probably quote
the actual URL to downloads/drops/I-xxxx-xxxx/ as the link

Also the links to the errors, at least for me, are file attachments.  I
would make them links to the web page.


                    Dimitrov             To:     John Wiegand/MIN/OTI@OTI, Brian Young/OTT/OTI@OTI, Dean         
                    12/05/2001           cc:                                                                     
                    10:19 AM             Subject:     draft of notification to eclipse-dev                       

Yesterday's build is now posted.

I would appreciate any advice on the following drop notification for


Integration build 20011204 is now available for download from:

Compile errors


Unit test failures


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