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[ecf-dev] New topic in forum Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF), called Broken JaxRs provider feature, by Mattia Barrasso

Title: Eclipse Community Forums
Subject: Broken JaxRs provider feature Author: Mattia Barrasso Date: Thu, 16 January 2020 11:19
Hi all,
installing "ecf-rs-distribution-cxf" (from [https]:// the process fails while downloading "[https]://", due to a 404. (Logs attached)

Checking in [https]:// the referenced version doesn't exists, instead the is present.

Any suggestion is appreciated :)

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,

Attachment: org.eclipse.ecf.provider.cxf.server_karaf_installation.txt
(Size: 4.93KB, Downloaded 0 times)
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