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[ecf-dev] ECF project status

Hi Folks,

It's been a while since I've done this I wanted to give a 'state of ECF' description so that people know what's happening.

First, most of the ECF projects at the Eclipse Foundation are essentially in 'maintenance mode'.   We released 3.14.5 maintenance as part of the 2019-6 simultaneous release and will include 3.14.5 in the upcoming 2019-9 SR.

OTOH, ECF's github org at [1] is the site of a large amount of new work.   Some specifics:

A new Apache Dubbo Distribution Provider

A discovery provider using Hazelcast (in addition to the distribution provider based upon Hazelcast)

Updates to the Mqtt-Provider, JGroups provider, Jax-RS provider, Py4j-RemoteServicesProvider:  Using updated versions of libs, improvements to flexibility/configuration.

Additions to the Bndtools workspace (bndtools project, bndrun templates to make remote services development easier)

Other improvements and bug-fixes to projects at [1] including better support for installing new distribution and discovery providers into  Karaf runtimes.

I'm working with Mat to figure out how to deploy the artifacts from these github projects to Maven Central so that they can be accessed more easily by consumers (each project currently has it's own releases with the release facilities).

FWIW I've personally interacted with/supported usage of both the EF and the projects and I'm trying to move those discussions to this (public) mailing list so that desires, requirements, and efforts can be shared.

Any thoughts/comments would be appreciated.



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