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Re: [ecf-dev] Problem with Service Endpoint matching when using different network names


sorry for the slow reply.

I think it is useful enough to be used as a distribution provider and I would like to continue development.    I also would like a tutorial based upon it so that others could use.

The sticking point for me is that my plate is very full this fall...which is one reason I did the work on it when I did.

If you would like and am able wrt employer, I would welcome contributions (enhancements, issues and fixes, samples, tutorials, docs, etc) from you.   I could make you a team member to do so.
I would like to do so. That's also fine with my employer.
The point is, that it will not happen immediately as I currently have other important topics to work on.

But it's a good and transparent implementation which serves our use case very well, so I'll come back on that some time later.
Currently we have some workarounds (DNS/host entries) which allow us to gain some time on this topic...

First thing for me would probably be to implement it in our system and see how it works out.

Thanks again!

Bye Peter

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