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Re: [ecf-dev] Issue adding custom serialization to ecf provider


I believe that with Tycho it's possible to include maven central
dependencies either in a target platform.  One possible problem:  does the
kyro distribution include OSGi meta-data?  (i.e. are the kryo libs/jars
already bundles?  Or do you create them/wrap them?
the jar's contain osgi metainformation. I'll have to look into tycho's configuration then, but that's sounds like a good way to go then.
Another possibility:  Submit a request to Orbit to build Kyro as a bundle.
 Problem with that is that unless someone is ready to become an Orbit
committer, it's likely not to happen because someone has to maintain the
bundle in Orbit (new versions, etc).  I would happily offer to contribute
to this, but I don't think I can take on the whole thing.
as you mention, that's too much overhead from my point of view.
3) kryo classloading / osgi

For deserialization it's always possible to use OSGi's
Dynamic-ImportPackage: <packages> or *
good to know! sounds like that should work in some way or the other.
4) timeline

Of course.   It would be nice if it was available sometime around the
Oxygen release (June 26th or thereabouts), but even if later it would be
as always: no ETA's ;)
I'll just get back on the end of june, so i don't think it will happen that fast.... sorry ;)

Bye, Peter