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Re: [ecf-dev] builder failures

On 28.03.2016 19:11, Scott Lewis wrote:
> Over the past few days a number of build projects have been failing very
> early [1].  There have been no code changes,  but it might have
> corresponded with a ddos attack at osu osl on the same subnet as our
> build machine [2].
> It looks to me from the console logs as if the git task to retrieve
> projects into the workspace is failing somehow...perhaps because of what
> was done for the ddos by osu osl people?   Do we need to notify the osu
> osl admin people...or does this look like something else?


the DDos is unrelated. Instead, it seems as if a recent Jenkins plug-in
upgrade has changed the git behaviour to clone directly into the
workspace/ directory. It used to checkout into
workspace/org.eclipse.ecf/. I changed the configs to explicitly clone
into workspace/org.eclipse.ecf/ and the builds are back to green.