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Re: [ecf-dev] CompositeDiscoveryContainer and zoo discovery

On 1/8/2016 12:18 AM, Markus Alexander Kuppe wrote:
On 07.01.2016 21:49, Scott Lewis wrote:
As a work around, is it possible to disable the
CompositeDiscoveryContainer...in some other way than explicitly stopping
it's bundle?   Another question:  should we stop installing the
CompositeDiscoveryContainer bundle?   Also:  is there some way to
restrict a given remote service export to use only one discovery
provider (a specific one) rather than using all active discovery
providers by default?  Perhaps this is an addition we should make for
ECF's remote services impl.  Opinions?

given that the functionality provided by the
org.eclipse.ecf.provider.discovery bundle, it is superseded by the OSGi
service registry,. I don't see a reason to keep the bundle include in
the ECF distribution. Legacy consumers can install it from an older release.

Ok, I'll move toward removing it.

Stopping (& uninstalling) a bundle if its functionality isn't needed is the best solution from my perspective. ECF discovery is sufficiently modular that this should always work without loosing other functionality in use.

I agree, but this is relatively complicated in Eclipse...controlling bundle state is not easily done from the user interface, and is complicated by the lazy starting.

I don't remember any built-in mechanism to announce a given service with a subset of discovery providers (except stopping the bundles). Obviously you can get the wanted subset from the OSGi service registry explicitly or use filters on the OSGi level. What is the use case anyway?

The use case is exporting...and publishing for discovery...remote management services from within Eclipse.

I will take steps to remove the bundle from future distributions.