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[ecf-dev] Remote Services used for diffusing bombs (!)

Hi Folks,

I just became aware of an Eclipse DemoCamp presentation that used ECF Remote Services for building an IoT game.

It was by Christoph Keimel and entitled How to Diffuse a Bomb with ECF and e(fx)clipse. The slides for the talk are online here [1]. My favorite slide from Christoph's talk is slide 8...why I love OSGi Remote Services.

It sounds like Christoph's talk/demo was very well received at the DemoCamp [2]. I wish I had been there.

Congratulations Christoph! And congrats to ECF Remote Services and community for playing a role.


[1] http://de.slideshare.net/keimel/how-to-diffuse-a-bomb-with-ecf-and-efxclipse
[2] http://eclipsesource.com/blogs/2015/12/23/eclipse-democamp-december-munich-2015/