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[ecf-dev] New topic in forum Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF), called [Docshare] Share Editor to the team, by Darron Park

Title: Eclipse Community Forums
Subject: [Docshare] Share Editor to the team Author: Darron Park Date: Thu, 15 October 2015 02:11
Hi Everyone,

I'm new here and I've just installed ECF to do real-time collaboration for the first time.

I studied it for 2days and now it's "Sharing Editor" function is perfectly working!!

But, I realized that I can only share editor with one person. Not more than 2.
The function that I needed was Share Editor to all of my teammates Sad

I just wondered is there a function that shares editor to more than 2 people, or if there is any plan to make it possible in the future:)
(I saw similar project called "RT Shared Editing" but whenever I try to share the editor to my teammates, it sends open command to all of my teammates and if there's no matching project or file in their local eclipse, it fails. So I like the way that current docshare does)

**Excuse my bad English Smile
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