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[ecf-dev] distribution providers

Hi Folks,

We now have approximately 10 ECF Remote Service distribution providers. 
To make it easier for consumers to compare, contrast, download, use, and
understand these distribution providers, I've created new documentation
here [1].

Any comments, fixes, enhancements appreciated.   This list is currently
missing the JavaGroups-based provider, mostly because I'm
overhauling/updating it to use JavaGroups version 3.0 and above (we were
using JavaGroups 2.0).  Once this is finished I will add JavaGroups to
this list.

As you can tell from [1] there are several providers that we are not yet
building and distributing in binary form (e.g. the Jersey, CXF Jax-RS
providers and Hazelcast provider).   I would like to create builds for
these so that we can deliver these providers as p2 and Karaf features.  
It would be helpful if we could coordinate efforts on the build (e.g. use
of maven/Tycho, etc) and arrange for some resources to finalize the build
of these providers.



[1] https://wiki.eclipse.org/Distribution_Providers