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[ecf-dev] new tutorial: Jax-RS Remote Services

Hi Folks,

I've created another tutorial, showing the use of ECF's OSGi Remote Services implementation to access Jax RESTful Webservices. It's far less complicated than it sounds, as it provides a way to use the nice qualities of OSGi Services (injection, dynamics, versioning, etc) with Jax-RS web services.

Tutorial: https://wiki.eclipse.org/Tutorial:_Exposing_a_Jax_REST_service_as_an_OSGi_Remote_Service

If you have any corrections, comments, or suggestions please say so.

FWIW, it was very surprising to me how easy it was to create a Jax-RS distribution provider for ECF remote services. I believe this is a very good thing for developers, as it makes it possible to simplify integration across implementations using open standards (e.g. jax-rs, OSGi services, OSGi Remote Services/RSA).