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[ecf-dev] New topic in forum Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF), called Zoodiscovery replicated mode, by eclipse user

Title: Eclipse Community Forums
Subject: Zoodiscovery replicated mode Author: eclipse user Date: Tue, 28 July 2015 09:50
Hi folks,

i am actually trying to setup Zoodiscovery in replicated mode, but by
running the different OSGI framework on the same machine.

It looks like something is wrong between for the conversion between
org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper.core.internal.Configuration into the

The dataDir path is relative to tempDir path for
org.eclipse.ecf.provider.zookeeper.core.internal.Configuration which is
not the case for the QuorumPeerConfig.

Also, it seems there is no way to customize the creation of myid and the
zoo.conf files from the Configuration class which will probably lead to
troubles to be able to attach the right zooKeeper instance id.

Is there way to handle this case ?

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