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[ecf-dev] Discovery provider's Zookeeper dependency

Hey guys,

ECF Zookeeper-based discovery provider by default brings in Zookeeper bundle v.3.3.3, but as per its manifest accepts any versions in the range [3.3.3,3.4.0).
In our application we'd like to use v.3.3.4, as it includes an important fix for us - in case of session timeout it closes socket connection asynchronously.

So, I tried excluding a transitive Zookeeper v.3.3.3 dependency and adding the one of v.3.3.4 instead.
What I noticed is that Zookeeper artifact groupId has changed since version 3.3.1 fromÂorg.apache.hadoop toÂorg.apache.zookeeper. I couldn't even find the one ECF discovery provider is using (org.apache.hadoop.Zookeeper v.3.3.3) in the maven central.
I could only find org.apache.zookeeper.Zookeeper v.3.3.3.

What's even more important is that these two bundles are different. E.g. org.apache.hadoop.Zookeeper v.3.3.3 exports org.apache.zookeeper.server.persistence package used by the ECF discovery provider, while org.apache.zookeeper.Zookeeper v.3.3.3 (and v.3.3.4 as well) doesn't.

So, it looks like we are using a customized version of the Zookeeper bundle and I can't use the native org.apache.zookeeper.Zookeeper bundle?
Will appreciate you suggestion on how I can integrate the native Zookeeper v.3.3.4 (or, if we have the patched one for v.3.3.4 - it would also suit).