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[ecf-dev] top ten at ESE 2014

Hi Folks,

I was very pleased to see that Wim's 'egg cooking' talk at EclipseCon 2014 was listed as #5 on the official top ten list [1].

I'm pretty sure that if those in the audience had actually *tasted* the egg that his talk would have easily been rated at number 1. Next year, perhaps we can have everyone in the audience cook and eat their own eggs...using ECF Remote Services and Nebula of course :).

Congrats Wim on a great talk. BTW, I've seen that the EF has been making the videos of EclipseCon talks available on the EF youtube area. Is this video available? When it becomes available I will put links to it on the ECF homepage and wiki.


[1] http://eclipse-membership.blogspot.com/2014/11/simply-best.html