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Re: [ecf-dev] How to cook an egg with ECF and Nebula

Congrats Wim, this is wonderful.

I've added links about this talk, and access to the slides to the ECF home page [1], and to the main wiki page [2].

As another idea...perhaps you would want to put a picture like below (and/or others from your slides...e.g. of the raspberry pi hardward, etc.) on the main wiki page [2]...at least for a time (?).  

By being online...did you mean that a video of the talk was made and will be available?



[1] https://www.eclipse.org/ecf/
[2] https://wiki.eclipse.org/ECF

On 11/1/2014 6:50 AM, Wim Jongman wrote:

My talk on Thursday was a big success. I explained how ppl can use ECF remote services to control IoT devices. With his technique I controlled a heat plate where I actually boiled an egg (and ate it) within my 35 minute time slot.

I was able to control a heat plate, a light and read a temperature sensor. I build a UI with Eclipse E4 and Nebula to control the device and read the temperature.

Inline image 1

My slides are here[1]. I will post the link as soon as the talk comes online.



[1] https://www.eclipsecon.org/europe2014/session/how-cook-egg-eclipse-communication-framework-and-nebula

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