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Re: [ecf-dev] SLP Question

On 20.08.2014 20:33, Jim Marshall wrote:
>  Hope this is the right group for this question. We're using the SLP
> portion of the ECF tree in our product.
> The SLP code starts its own daemon server if there is no other slp
> daemon running (which is what we want), however; we do not see a way
> to tell the daemon to stop or exit.  Would anyone know if there is
> some mechanism to do this?

Hi Jim,

yes, this is one place to ask jSLP v1 related questions.

However, can you clarify if - by SLP daemon - you are talking about
jSLP's feature to uses an existing external SLP daemon running on the
same host and falling back to its own implementation [1] when no
external daemon can be detected (on port 427)?
If this is the case, then I'm afraid jSLP does not support stopping its
own daemon once it has created an internal one. You will have to restart
the jSLP process.

What is your underlying use case, anyway?


[1] ch.ethz.iks.slp.impl.SLPDaemonImpl