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[ecf-dev] New topic in forum Eclipse Communications Framework (ECF), called Unable to pass credentials through URL to an HTTP Server, by Victor Roldan Betancort

Title: Eclipse Community Forums
Subject: Unable to pass credentials through URL to an HTTP Server Author: Victor Roldan Betancort Date: Fri, 22 November 2013 07:12
Hello all,

some time ago we started using our own P2 Sites to distribute our binaries, and thats behind a artifact management system called Artifactory. We found P2 had problems on resolving HTTP URLs containg credentials. You may find more information on the original post:


So we concluded the HttpClient implementation of ECF does not support fetching credentials from the URL and passing it to the server.

The issue found at:


fixed the correct parsing of the http://<user>:<pass>@host:port format. But it did not actually implement passing these credentials to the server.

My question here is: is there any reason this feature is not implemented (for example, security reasons, being a non-standard feature...). In case there is no reason, would a contribution be accepted?

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