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[ecf-dev] [GSoc]-[ECF-Tools]- Final update of the project

HI Markus Scott Harshana and all


This project introduce a new developer tool which can be use to generate eclipse ECF remote-service and client related codes. Specially ECF has introduced asynchronous remote services which need a little bit complex interface. Using this tool you can generate these interface in seconds by defining two simple annotation.Also this has rich support for generating service client.

  1. Generate Asyn service interface and Impl template class by pointing a existing interface.
  2. Generate service Impl class template by pointing existing service interface.
  3. Generate a method to register the service
  4. A Wizard to create a new service client project
  5. Generate client code for existing project

Note:-All above code generation support for generating any type of return statements , parameters and exceptions and relavant dependancies will be automatically added into tje project

How to use this tools step by step user document[1]

How to use this tools demo video[2]

Project source can be found here [3]

I am looking forward to contribute to this project and hope to ship this with  ECF project , please report bugs and improvements ,

Finally I would like to thanks Markus, Scott, Harshana and all for all the helps during this period,

Thanks and Regards


[1] -

[2] -


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