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Re: [ecf-dev] GSoC PDE template

Hi Vijayindu,

Here are some highlight possibilities for improving the template (which is here [1] btw):

1) The current template has only two fields on the wizard page (for host)...i.e. 'service.exported.configs' and 'ECF Generic Server URL'.   It could have a listbox or a drop down list box for the that all ECF provider alternatives were presented...and the user could select one.  The ECF Generic Server URL could be broken down into it's constituent parts...e.g. ${host}:${port}${/path} and presented as separate that the user wouldn't have to create the full URL

2) It would be nice if the template also included a product.configuration...and perhaps created a feature that people could (using PDE build) easily create a standalone, runnable host/client application (instead of just the one bundle).

3) It would be nice if folks could optionally (e.g. via additional templates or more options on the existing templates) create a more sophisticated remote service...e.g. and create/define their down service interface...rather than use the 'IHello' service interface example.

As the template gets more sophisticated, at a certain point this gets closer to a 'new remote service wizard'.    Actually, this might be a good idea in general...i.e. a wizard that would go under File->New and allow people to have assistance creating a new remote service (host and/or consumer).   Actually, this could also perhaps be generalized to support the creation of new OSGi services in general (not just remote services).

If others have suggestions for what would be good to add to the template...or the notion of an 'new OSGi remote services wizard'...please chime in here.  It would be good to hear from others what they would like to see in terms of additional support for learning and using OSGi remote services.



BTW...the git repo location for the existing template plugin is here:


On 7/16/2013 11:36 PM, Suneth Vijayindu wrote:
Hi Scott,
I tested the   OSGi Remote Service Host Example and OSGi Remote Service Consumer Example. earlyer this  month and wrote about it im my blog[1]
After some discussion with Harshana. he asked me to get more familires with OSGI and exting templates. I went through the following book OSGi In Practice(Attached) and the links[2][3][4].I think I have the enough knowledge about OSGi. I would like  to enhance exiting remote services template can you give me some clarification about what need to be exactly added to the exiting template.

Thank You

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