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[ecf-dev] last call for 3.6.1 fixes

Hi Folks,

As discussed previously, our final non-emergency build for ECF 3.6.1/Kepler is planned to be tomorrow, Friday May 31. If we get some emergency bug we will obviously try to address it, but tomorrow is the last planned release build for 3.6.1/Kepler.

If you have any outstanding bug fixes, please get them into master (with requisite review and testing)...and notify on bug tracking (and preferably on this mailing list as well) before 6am pacific time tomorrow and do not make any pushes to master until notified.

Thanks. As always, contributions on docs, help, blog postings, and other non-code contributions etc can continue right up until quiet week (the week before Kepler release). So if you are able, please contribute.



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