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[ecf-dev] ECF release builds for Kepler

Hi Folks,

In response to platform releng request on bug [1], we are/will be producing release builds for the next few weeks...specifically

May 3 (today)
May 10
May 21 (possibly Kepler final)

So...since one was done today, I wanted to notify people that there is a release build of ECF available here [2], that we can use for testing prior to Kepler.

Request: ECF committers and soon as you can...please install ECF from here [2], and test...e.g. test install, test examples, test for regressions, etc. If you find problems, please open new bugs here [3]. Probably major importance at least...particularly if the issue somehow prevents installation and/or straightforward initial usage. And if you can...please also contribute a fix for problems you identify. Thanks.

Note...for May 21...we will produce a final Kepler build for p2/Equinox/Eclipse. Hopefully, this can be our final contribution for the rest of Kepler as well (i.e. for the other parts of ECF). This is not required...however...and if necessary we can/will produce subsequent builds for the non-filetransfer parts of ECF (e.g. remote services, collab tools, etc).




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