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[ecf-dev] [GSOC Project Idea]-Looking for a GSoc Project in ECF

HI all

I am undergraduate student of Uva Wellassa university, following computer science and Technology degree ,

I really interested in to join the Google Summer of Code this year as a chance to learn more about the Eclipse Plugin development and about Eclipse opensource community,
I went through the mail "Some Directions for ECF" send by Scott and i am thinking to contribute  for OSGI remote service in ECF.I went through some articles [1]and got the very basic idea of OSGI remote service implementation in ECF. I am thing to write a new distribution provider or update the existing providers  like jgroups, currently i am studying how r-osgi provider works 

I would like to know is this a important and valuable idea ? or is there any thing else, more important idea in ECF?
Could you please give some assistance to contribute  ECF in this year GSOC 

Thanks you


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