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[ecf-dev] Notes from Today's Call

Hi Folks,

Here [1] are my notes from the conference call this morning.

If you have any corrections or comments, please let all know...and/or make corrections to the page at [1].



ECF 3.6.1

What: ECF 3.6.1 will include bugs 404763 and 405027. Will not include bug 403675 (this will be targeted to Kepler release in June) When: TBD...but we are going to try for this month (April). Need to communicate with Mike Milinkovich at Foundation about when wewill be able to get access to OSGi TCK (we would like to at least have the TCK for some time prior to 3.6.1 that we can fix any identified bugs as quickly as possible).


Will use bug 403675 to try out use of gerrit for peer review. Please join the bug and participate in the review if you can.

Next ECF Conference Call

When:  Tuesday, April 30, 1700UTC/10am pacific
How:  Going to use Google Hangout for meeting as per Markus' post.


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