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Re: [ecf-dev] Self Signed Certs and HttpClient

Hi Ian,

On 4/12/2013 2:31 PM, Ian Bull wrote:
Hi everyone (p2 & ECF)

Internally, some (many?) organizations have self-signed certs (for things like their internal build server). If you try to connect to a p2 repository using SSL with a self-signed cert it will fail [1].

You should also  be made aware of these (and maybe you will want to mark some as dupicates...or at least relate them):

Support for Unknown SSL
See particularly comments 10-19.  As you can see, it was left undone because of it's dependency on this bug:

For additional context:   I/Scott didn't do the original work on the SSL/truststore integration with transport.   Here is the bug associated with the original work on integrating the trust store in Equinox with ECF:  As you can see, most of the work on the .ssl fragment implementations (i.e. the trust store impl for SSLsocketfactory) was done by Matt, Eric, and Tom Watson.

With that context...

Obviously the default behaviour here is fine, but what would be required if someone wanted to accept a self-signed cert? On HTTPClient 4, you can set the trust store, but I don't think the HTTP Client is accessible from outside ECF. So here are a few questions

  • Does anybody know of an option (system property) that HttpClient4 will accept to disable trust checking

Not that I'm aware of. 

  • Is the creation of the HttpClient object extendable such that p2 could create a different HttpClient with different TrustManager (or could this be exposed)

It is possible to create/substitute a higher priority implementer of IRetrieveFileTransferFactory (this class is the httpclient 4 impl of IRetrieveFileTransferFactory:


...and it creates the instance of apache DefaultHttpClient.

However...I don't know if this would actually address this issue of being able to use self-signed certificates...especially without disabling the use of a trust store at all.

  • If the first two options are non-starters, would it be possible to add a system property to ECF to disable trust checking (and is this a lot of work)?
What do others think? Is this a really bad idea? Are others hitting this problem too or is it just me?

My impression was that IBM/Equinox didn't want to do something like this...based upon the discussion on bugs 215929 and 231204.   I do believe that there are people hitting this...both before and after the work on the ECFTrustManager ...which is in org.eclipse.ecf.ssl fragment, BTW.

Ian I think you should speak with Thomas W, and John Arthorne about the bugs above before heading down the road of replacing/overriding/disabling the existing trust least in the default impl of ECF's httpclient4 transport.   And for code changes to the org.eclipse.ecf.*.ssl fragments...I don't know this code terribly if significant additions/changes will be needed, it would probably have to involve someone that knows that code better than I do (I think Matt and Eric are no longer at IBM...although I'm not sure...Thomas would know best, I imagine).

Sorry...unfortunately that doesn't provide a simple answer.


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