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Re: [ecf-dev] httpclient 4 for rest API

Hi Folks,

I've created this enhancement for this issue:

On 3/18/2013 10:40 AM, Scott Lewis wrote:
Hi Folks,

As part of our 3.6.0 minor release done last Monday (11), ECF contributed a new filetransfer provider to Equinox/p2 [1]. This provider is based upon the Apache Httpclient 4 codebase, rather than the Apache httpclient 3.1 codebase, which we/p2/Eclipse have been using previously.

Currently, the ECF rest API uses/depends upon the httpclient 3.1 codebase. Specifically, see the dependencies in bundle.

ECF consumers will still be able to use httpclient 3.1 fine, as all of the necessary plugins are in our repo...meaning that since they won't get those plugins from new Eclipse versions, they will get them from our repo when installed.

In the med to long term, however (e.g. Kepler simultaneous release), it would be nice if we could move the bundle to httpclient 4. I've noticed that the httpclient4 'requestentity' classes have changed name (e.g. what was 'RequestEntity' in httpclient 3.1 is now HttpEntity in httpclient 4). This means that some of the API in will have to change.

Are there committers and/or contributors that are interested in making these changes to move the ECF rest API from httpclient 3.1 to httpclient the Kepler timeframe? Or are there folks that would like to work with me to do it?




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