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Re: [ecf-dev] Using ECF to create a osgi cloud...

Thanks Martin !

I will keep my eyes on all this...


On 31/01/13 14:26, Martin Petzold wrote:
Dear Chris,

just for your information, in the EASI-CLOUDS project [1] we (ProSyst [2]) are working on an OSGi Cloud runtime and a generic PaaS REST API (also for other artefact types than OSGi). This API is implemented for CloudFoundry, OpenShift and plain OSGi containers. I suppose our French partner Telecom SudParis will publish a paper once the API is mature.

Next to OSGi Remote Service Admin (and ECF implementation) there are also other activities around OSGi for the Cloud [3], e.g.:
- OSGi RFP 133 Cloud Computing [4]
- OSGi RFC 183 Cloud Ecosystem [5, 6, 7]
- OSGi RFC 182 REST Interface for OSGi [8]
- Distributed Event Admin and Config Admin
Some others are not yet public...

For more information you could also join the OSGi developer mailing-list [9] and consider an OSGi membership [10] to participate on the OSGi specification activities.

[5] [6] [7],d.Yms [8]

Best regards,


Am 28.01.13 18:58, schrieb Chris Hawk:

We have an equinox based system that we are investigating a way to port it for a cloud environment. The initial idea is to have a central node (perhaps one for each customer) and reusable satellite nodes that will provide multi tenancy remote services for each other. For each node we will define "roles" that will help us to identify the kind of services provided and in the central node we configure which satellite nodes it could use.

I believe that ECF's RS and RSA implementation would the main component in this puzzle. But I couldn't find any resource yet that could help us to choose which providers we would use to achieve our goal.

Could someone give me any recommendation about this?


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