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Re: [ecf-dev] Using ECF to create a osgi cloud...

Hi Chris,

On 1/29/2013 5:22 AM, Chris Hawk wrote:
Hi Scott,

thanks for the contextualization.

It seems that I will have to research the possibilities by myself :)

I wouldn't put it exactly this way. Rather, I would say there are several of us in the community that have some experiences...with different providers with different use cases...that we can record and share to our mutual benefit.

I planed to create a pilot project that should be hosted in a OpenShit cloud free account. I will write a paper with what I found. I'll sent to you when I finish, so it could help you to format the wiki that you have created...

You are certainly free to do this, but I would like to encourage you to do this in the context of the ECF project. We/I will agree to take any/all code contributions and add them to our test suite (and/or examples suite), and we can all add analyses and use case information to the wiki pages.

I do believe that several of us (myself, certainly...but also folks like Pablo, Markus, Wim, Harshana and others) can/could contribute to this over time, so my hope and belief that it would save you a fair amount of work (as well as benefit the ECF community).

btw, how do you suggest to measure performance and to track non-functional characteristics?

WRT performance...with very few exceptions the performance of discovery and distribution providers is bound by the pattern and costs of network communication...e.g. how many connects, how many round trips, how much overhead imposed by marshaling/unmarshaling. I think the most effective measurements there are 'on-the-wire' costs (e.g. via wireshark monitoring), along with timings of multiple remote invocations...done multiple times obviously so that temporary network-induced error can be mitigated.

WRT non-functional characteristics (e.g. security, performance, and reliability, etc). I would suggest that we add sections for each non-functional characteristic of important/interest, and then for that section we add use case information (e.g. need remote service discovery over wan, internet, etc). And add info about the various providers relative to that use case information.

Again...although I/we will welcome any contributions, I hope you will consider working closely with me and other ECF committers and minimize your work to collect this information, but also to get community input (of which there is/will be more). If appropriate and desired, we can also look into committership for you. I will personally attempt to make this a priority over the next six months, as I do think it will be very useful for the ECF community.



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