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[ecf-dev] ECF 3.6 Planning

Hi Folks,

I've now gone through and culled the items in the ECF 3.6 plan that didn't have a committer or contributor that was able to work on them.  The resulting plan items are listed here [1].

Those of you committers that have identified items to contribute for 3.6:  First...thank you for your ongoing contributions.  Second, please make sure that what's now listed on the plan is doable for you in the given time frame.  If something is off, please let me know.

Speaking of time frame for suggestion for 3.6 release timing:

Release:  Monday, March 4, 2013
Code Freeze (no more commits):  Monday, Feb 25, 2013

I would like to schedule an ECF conference call for this coming week to finalize/confirm/plan.  My suggestion for timing of this conference call is Thursday, Jan 24, 2013, 1700 UTC/9:00am pacific [2].




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