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[ecf-dev] ECF plan for 3.6 - please read

Hi Folks,

Last thursday we had an ECF conference call, and we focused on refining the plan for ECF 3.6. I would like to have a 3.6 release prior to EclipseCon (March), and this doesn't leave very much what we would like everyone to do the following:

1) Read the list of possible 3.6 items on this page:

2) Identify items from this list that you are able and willing to contribute to for ECF 3.6, and *put your name next to each one* (even if you can't do a lot, please identify the things that you could contribute to for 3.6). I (Scott) have already done this for several items. It's fine/good to put your name next to items that already have a name next to it.

3) *Add* items that you would be willing/able to contribute in the 3.6 timeframe to the list...if they don't already appear here...and please put your name next to them.

Please complete this by Monday Jan 14, 2013, so that I can complete the ECF planning in a timely way.

Thanks very much for your continued participation.


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