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[ecf-dev] ssl-based generic provider

Hi Folks,

I've been working on a contribution to address this bug:

Create generic provider that uses SSL transport

I've almost got it going/ready for testing, etc., but wanted to notify the community about one implication: The bundle org.eclipse.ecf.provider (where the generic provider is located), currently has a minimum execution environment set to CDC 1.1. The addition of this ssl-based generic provider requires that the minimum EE be set to jre 1.4 (because of dependence on, which is not included in CDC 1.1).

I don't really know of any consumers that are using CDC 1.1 any longer, so perhaps this affects no one, but I wanted to make sure before I make the change. If you are a consumer of ECF (this bundle) that is using CDC 1.1 then please let us know.



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