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[ecf-dev] authorized_keys removed from (was Re: zEclipseGitCloner project failing...auth?)

On 11/27/2012 09:30 PM, Scott Lewis wrote:
> The ECF builder at [1] seems to be failing on trying to run the
> zEclipseGitCloner project [2].  Below is the console output...also see [3].
> It looks like it could be something wrong with Markus'
> login...mkuppe...although I'm not sure.
> Markus do you have any insight about this?


it turns out that ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is gone from
After recreating it manually, zEclipseGitCloner authenticates
successfully again [1]. According to logs, the cloner had started to
fail in November (last successful run in 10/26).

Webmasters are CCed, to find out if this incident should cause any



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