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Re: [ecf-dev] Run Eclipse Remote Service Admin on Apache Karaf

Hi Alex,

On 11/27/2012 2:54 PM, Alex Blewitt wrote:
org.eclipse.core.runtime has a dependency on the org.eclipse.equinox.common;bundle-version="[3.6.100,4.0.0) which now has a dependency on org.eclipse.osgi;bundle-version="[3.7.0,4.0.0)"

So the core runtime can no longer run on Felix. This didn't used to be the case, and is a change outside of the ECF codebase, but the dependency to org.eclipse.core.runtime prevents its use on Felix.

Seems to me that this dependency change should be considered an Equinox bug.   I'm copying Thomas Watson for comment.   Thomas:  we (ECF) use equinox.common classes...and wish to run on Felix.

Secondly, you shouldn't assume that just because Karaf can use Equinox that it is an unqualified 'yes'. I believe that Karaf runs with a more restrictive (read: OSGi default) behaviour for the OSGi parent classloader, whereas Eclipse runs with a slightly more loose definition.

Perhaps then we can try things out on Karaf/Equinox?  

# equinox boot classloader configuration
osgi.parentClassloader = fwk
This sets up the parent classloader to be more strictly defined (as per the OSGi spec) but Eclipse runs with 'boot' by default if this is not given. Boot gives access to packages available from the JDK which therefore may fail if running in a more restrictive framework launcher. 

The moral of this story is: don't assume, test.

I appreciate the advice :-).  Since Karaf has only been in public existence a few months we haven't actually had a chance to test.

And...since we're not a corporate-sponsored project, and are very limited in resources, we do need to depend upon the kindness of our community to help us with testing...especially with things like this (running on/in other frameworks).

Perhaps you, Petria would be so kind as to help me and/or other ECF committer get Equinox and ECF RS/RSA running/tested under Karaf/Equinox?  I would be willing to contribute to such a joint effort myself, but I can't take on sole responsibility right now.

Speaking as someone who failed to get ECF running under Felix due to incompatible classes required by the runtime, and due to the ECF package needing the  common runtime, it was not possible to use it.

Why not report us (if we can do anything about it)...or to Equinox...if they can directly do something about it?

I have also seen failures in Eclipse-based OSGi bundles when running in Karaf due to the different in parent classloader, even when using the Equinox implementation.

I imagine this is true...but...we (ECF RS/RSA) don't do anything special wrt classloading/parent I wouldn't expect this to affect ECF RS/RSA.

As I said, I would be willing to contribute to an effort to test Karaf + Equinox + ECF RS/RSA, if there is interest (Petria)...and if there are some other folks (Alex, Petria, other ECF committers) willing to help as well.

And hopefully Thomas will respond WRT the apparently newly-added Equinox common dependency.



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