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Re: [ecf-dev] Run Eclipse Remote Service Admin on Apache Karaf

On 26 Nov 2012, at 20:39, Scott Lewis wrote:

I'm not sure this is correct.  ECF does use (e.g.) the equinox event impl, but I would expect that those bundles could be run on/with Karaf...especially since 1) Karaf can apparently use either equinox or Felix and 2) ECF rs/rsa runs just fine on Felix (w equinox bundles).

I'm traveling today so cannot detail right now, but Alex if you have specifics wrt Karaf please detail.

You can run it with Karaf on Equinox, but Karaf on Felix won't work - because the package org.eclipse.osgi.event only exists in Equinox's OSGi implementation - so it's not possible to substitute this on the Felix runtime.

Secondly, anything that depends on org.eclipse.osgi.service.debug cannot such as org.eclipse.core.runtime cannot resolve - because the prior package is only exported by the org.eclipse.osgi bundle. This of course rules out pretty much everything that uses an IFuture - such as the remote services admin - because you can't install org.eclipse.core.runtime bundle. It's one of the reasons I wish that the remote services runtime wouldn't have anything to do with IFutures - it means it cannot be used on Felix, even if you don't want/need that feature.

Opening up a host console shows how the bundles link together if you want to explore further.


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