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[ecf-dev] new httpclient4/httpcomponents provider

Hi Folks,

This enhancement request [1] asked that we create an ECF filetransfer provider that uses apache httpclient4 (aka apache httpcomponents).

Just for background...we've previously been using httpclient 3.1 (this is what p2 uses). It works ok (and is in Juno), but does have some difficulties WRT proxies and bugs.

With some great contributions from the community, as well as the usual great effort from ECF committers, we now have a working provider, and the code for this provider is being built (and tested!) by our most excellent builder [see 2].

It's my hope and expectation that with some regression testing and bug fixing, we should be able to ask the p2 folks to use this new provider during the Kepler release cycle (over next 9 months). I'll notify on the p2-dev mailing list about this as well, and attempt to get them/p2 to help with the testing. If history is any guide, the toughest part of testing for the filetransfer provider code will be in testing proxy support...since such testing requires a specific network environment.

I would like to enlist the ECF community support for doing some of this testing. If there are folks (committers, contributors, consumers) who would be willing to help test this...either with or without p2...then *please* consider doing so. Then please join the bug [1], and put into a comment your willingness to help test. Thanks.

I (Scott) am going to send a few more planning emails over the next that we can plan/coordinate other efforts for ECF. There are several new things known to me right now:

1) Incorporate into ECF the work of Jasintha and Tishan from their Google Summer of Code 2012 projects 2) Incorporate support for VNC-based screen sharing into ECF (via the work done in Sequoyah [3]) 3) Work on better tooling support for OSGi remote services (and ECF's implementation)...[this is my/Scott's idea]
4) Other things...(please contribute ideas/desires...if you have them)

In any event...I'll be sending out some more planning emails, and scheduling a conference call for sometime soon.




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