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Re: [ecf-dev] GSoC 2012 post-midterm progress reports?

On 08/07/2012 02:17 PM, Jasintha Dasanayaka wrote:
> Hi all
> According to the midterm review  following 4 items added to the my
> road map
> 1)All the run time dependencies  should be load using the bundle
> meta information no need to ask it from user (libraries annotation
> should be removed)
> 2)Should pass the poxy object into user and give a opportunity to
> write test cases to user
> 3)User should be able to run  sames test case with the local
> services as well as the remote service without changing the test
> case classes
> 4)OSGI service container should be configure in the run-time
> I have already done the first two goals and currently  I am working
> on 3rd goal

Where do I find the code? has
seen its last update a month ago.


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