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Re: [ecf-dev] Gerrit

Hi Markus,

<stuff deleted>
Denis has answered all questions on the regarding a possible Gerrit <>
off-site Jenkins integration. It looks as if it should be a big issue.

From reading over the bug it seems like you mean '...should *not* be a big issue' that right or am I misunderstanding?

I suggest we activate Gerrit for the ECF repo now and integrate the
build later once we are sure Gerrit is worth it.

I'm Ok with this. As I understand it (as described on the Gerrit page[1]), we have a choice of either *requiring* the use of Gerrit code review...or not. I would like to have Gerrit code reviews be *optional*...i.e. *not required* that it is the discretion of commit directly to git...i.e. without using Gerrit for review.

We apparently also need to select a date for project committers to update their repo URLs...I would like to request that the changeover date be *outside* this date range (probably after): Aug 10-Aug 23.




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