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Re: [ecf-dev] Salvo Newsreader : Passing the container reference among different wizards

Hi Wim,

On 24 July 2012 17:32, Wim Jongman <wim.jongman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here, He can't do that because, by the time of execution of init of wizard, we do not know what is the container type going to be. Therefore the container init has to be done at the performFinish() stage of the wizard. We had a separate discussion on this AFAIR.

Can't we just do some instanceof checking to see of this is the right container for the job? 

At the time of the initialization of the wizard we do not know the container type because it is the user who enters the URI. Based on the URI, We have to figure out the correct container type based on the user's input. Therefore it has to be done at the performFinish() stage.

First of all we connect to News Reader server and connect to other services later. If we can save the connection info in the NewsReader connection, we can use that info to pass to new containers to use for authentications, etc.


The NewsReader server, what is it? Is it an osgi service?


What I meant to say is, NNTP/FudForum server. First we have to initiate a connection to these servers and get authenticated. Thereafter we can join a news groups or the forums and do things like creating posts, replying posts, etc.

Sorry for the confusion :-)

Thanks and Regards,
I checked but the last commit was 12 days ago. Is that the latest state?

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