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Re: [ecf-dev] Changing keepAlive property of ECF Generic

Hi Pablo,

On 7/5/2012 5:10 AM, Pablo García Sánchez wrote:
Hi Scott.

Thank you for the property, now its working nice! :)

Good to hear.

As you have suggested, I've added a +1 in the ECF Documentation
Priorities wiki [1] to a new entry: "ECF Configuration (Properties
list)". Also, I've created a new wiki page to enumerate the properties
under the EIG [2] (and also some examples for configuration properties
for some available providers). Please, modify (or delete) it if you
don't find it adequate.

Thanks very much.  I've added to things and now we have much more [2].

BTW, I would like to download your presentation here [3], but it seems
the pdf is gone.

Finally, the Broken Pipe Exception I receive is in [4], and yes, I
would like to avoid it in the log (but this is not so important,

I understand. I've opened this bug [5] and will change the ERROR to WARNING, so that the log is appropriate.





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